Water Based Window Adhesives

Window machines vary greatly. Typically, it involves transfer roller with a specific pattern fitted to a specific window size. The transfer roller picks up the glue from the pan and transfer it to either the film or board. Many of these machines utilizes a vacuum to hold the film in place while it’s cut and placed on the window. For this reason, it’s critical that the window adhesive be very clean-running without any splattering or slinging. More importantly, the glue itself needs to be easy to clean, otherwise, it would plug these vacuum holes, resulting in poor control of film placement.

Films that are used in this application are not always consistent in surface energy. Most adhesive suppliers choose to go with water based pressure sensitive to ensure bondability to the film. Unfortunately, this type of adhesive do not machine well and is very difficult to clean. Our product, WB4429 bond most of the substrates while maintaining extremely good clean up and outstanding machining characteristics.