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Hot Melts Water Based Misc.
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Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. These are divided into three main groups: Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and Removable. They are also categorized by peel strength.

Water Based Labeling

Wrinkling labels? Flagging? Poor adhesion? Hard to clean? If so, then give us a call and let us help you resolve these issues. We will custom formulate to meet your needs.

Glue Sticks

Hot melt glue sticks have a variety of uses. They are usually used with glue guns and can provide much help with art creations. We guarantee that our glue sticks are of the highest grade.

HM Case and Carton Seal

These hot melt products are used for packaging and vary by speed and chemistries. Choosing the right product depends on substrates, equipment, and the end use of the customer.

Water based Pressure Sensitive

These adhesives are very tacky when cured or dried. It is normally used for making labels

Palletizing Adhesives

These adhesives are designed to have excellent shear but weak peel strength. When used, correctly, it can cut stretch film cost more than 50%

Hot Melt Moisture-cure Urethrane

Some people know this as PUR. This is a reactive hot melt that cross-links with moisture to create a stronger bond that can withstand high heat.

Folding Carton Adhesives

Whether you're running on HHS, Valco extrusion, or wheel/bottom pot applications, we can help you with the adhesive for your application.


Environmentally friendly and safe cleaners that are used in various applications